The barley is the second straw cereal cultivated in France. The two main outlets of barley production is the malting and brewing industry and the animal feed (for feed mills and on-farm use).
Our plant breedinf programs are focuse on this research axes to propose new performant varieties satisfying the distinct requirements.


Varieties Seasonal type Barley type Earliness Malting Strengh



ANGELA Mid-alternative 6 rows Early  Forage Good disease resistance     
BONNIE Mid-alternative  6 rows Early Malting Very good malt quality index  
EPONA Alternative  6 rows Early  Malting Good disease resistance index  
JENNY Mid-alternative  6 rows Early Forage Resistant to mosaic Y2 index  
MANGENTA Winter  2 rows Early  Forage Good disease resistance and high specific weight  index  
MANAVA Mid-alternative  2 rows Early  Forage Very good agronomic characteristics    
RAMATA Mid-alternative  6 rows Early Forage Early, high yield and constant index   
VERITY           -  6 rows  Early  Forage 6 rows feed barley, very good disease tolerance index  
ELLINOR  Alternative   2 rows  Early  Malting  Malting quality A, very good grading index  
ESMA  Alternative   2 rows  Early  Malting Malting quality A, productive index  
FATIMA  Alternative   2 rows  Early  Malting Malting quality A, very productive, very good grading index  

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