The INRA is at the origin of the Triticale creation. Today, Agri Obtentions carries on Triticale breeding and takes part in the strengthening of the autonomy of breeders in straw and cereals, enabling them to produce at a lower cost with rustic and productive varieties.


Varieties Seasonal type Earliness Strengh



COLLEGIAL Mid-spring Mid-early High performance index  
GRANDVAL Mid-winter to mid-spring Mid-early Less susceptible to sprouting index   
MAXIMAL Winter Mid-early High biomass production index   
ORVAL Mid-winter Mid-early Powdery mildew and fusarium tolerance  index  
RAMDAM Mid-winter to mid-spring Mid-early Very high yield  index logo new 
RAPAX Mid-spring  Very early Good level of KPH and proteins index logo new
RIPARO Mid-spring  Mid-early  Flexible on sowinf date and tolerant to  sprouting index  
RIVOLT Mid-winter to mid-spring  Mid-early Height variety with good tolerance to lodging index logo new
RUGLATT -  Mid-early     logo new
 NOE  Spring  Very early  Very flexible in terms of sowing date, from  November to March  index  

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