Field peas


Growing field pea contributes to diversify crop rotation and help farmers to reduce their dependency on mineral nitrogen. Field peas have beneficial effects on the following wheat and make weed control easier in the crop rotation.

Agri Obtentions breeds winter and spring peas which combine agronomic performances and fulfill requirements of end-users (starch industry, cracking process, bird shop, animal feed, etc)



Varieties Seasonal type    Earliness Grain color Strengh


DOVE Winter Intermediate Green Bird feed market  index
FASTElogo new Winter Intermediate Yellow Good harvest height 


FLOKON logo new Winter Intermediate Yellow Frost tolerance


ISARD Winter Early Yellow Very good frost resistance  index
IGLOO Winter Early Yellow Early at maturity



FURIOUSlogo new >Winter Early Yellow Very high yielding


FRESNEL logo new Winter Early  Yellow Very productive and frost tolerance  index
POSEIDON logo new Spring Late Green Green color fastness


RESPECT Spring Late Yellow Harvest height  index
MYTHIC Spring Late Yellow Excellent stalk strength, high proteins' content  index
BLUEMOON Spring Mid-Late Green Good stalk strength  index
CRACKERJACK Spring Mid-Late Green High TGW, suits the cracking process  index

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