Seed production at Agri Obtentions meets three major objectives : 


  • Quantity :

The main objective is to increase volumes of first generations of basic seeds, to be able to offer sufficient quantities and thus spread rapidly the genetic progress provides by the new varieties.


  • Quality :

This essential notion hinges on two parameters:

- Purity, a guarantee that seeds conform to the created variety.

- The germinating capacity, another decisive factor to secure yields to farmers. 



This quality fulfils legal requirements in terms of seed certification and is supervised by the SOC (Official Service for Seed Control and Certification).


  • Traceability :

Traceability is key in transferring genetic progress. The continuous monitoring at each stage is carried out for all generations, from the created variety to the certified seeds supplied to farmers.



To meet the triole requirements, the seed production relies on:

  • A network of seed multiplication farmer (a hundred farmers across France)
  • A professional team under the responsability of a production manager. The technician team is in charge of monitoring and controls multiplication plots.
  • A modern factory at Guyancourt (78), with specific equipment for sorting, processing and conditioning certified seeds of all our species.
  • A control laboratory which validates the quality and traceability of seeds at each production stage up to the certification. This laboratory is equipped with CERTISEM software program and it is approved and accredited by the SOC for many species.
  • Close partnerships with several seed companies


  Agri Obtentions - Chemin de la Petite Minière - 78280 GUYANCOURT - FRANCE - Phone : +33 (0)

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