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By focusing our research on quality products and environmentally friendly, Agri Obtentions contributes to develop organic farming for the benefit of all our gricultural partners.

Agri Obtentions offers you a wide range of varieties adapted to organic farming. We are the only French seed company which proposes two wheat varieties registered "organic" in the French national catalog: Hendrix and Skerzzo. We have designed a specific logo to make easier the visualization of the varieties registered in organic production conditions.

Agri Obtentions is controlled by Ecocert, international body of control and certification for organic agriculture and food.

logoBIO Logo meaning variety registered as Organic


Varieties Seasonal type Earliness Characteristics  Strengh

Winter wheat
ARMINIUS Winter Mid-early BAF          index  Very good quality  
EHOGOLD  Winter Mid-late BAF          index Very good tolerance to diseases  


Early BPS Resistant to septoria  
GENY Winter Early BPS logoBIO Good covering power  
GHAYTA Winter Mid-late BAF          index Resistant to mosaïc virus  
GWASTELL Winter Late BB logoBIO Very resistant to diseases  
GWENNlogo new Winter Mid-late BPS logoBIO Very productive  
HENDRIX Winter Mid-early BPS logoBIO Very good specific weigh  
RENAN Very winter Mid-early   BAF          index The organic reference, deseases resistant
SKERZZO Mid-winter to mid-alternative Mid-early   BPS logoBIO index Good protein content  
GRANDVAL Mid-alternative Mid-early Less susceptible to sprouting  

Mid-winter to mid-alternative

Mid-early Powdery mildew and fusarium tolerance  


Very early Very flexible in terms of sowing date  
Winter barley
RAMATA Mid-alternative Early Forage Early, productive and regular  
ARDENTE Spring Mid-early White Productive with big grains  
FERVENTE Mid-winter Mid-early Yellow High productivity  
GERALD Winter Mid-late White

Good lodging resistance

Field peas
DOVE Winter Intermediate  Green Birdseed
MYTHIC Spring Late Yellow Excellent stalk strength, high protein content
Spring Mid-late Green Referenced for cracking industry  
ISARD Winter Early Yellow Very good frost resistance   
RESPECT Spring Late Yellow Exellent stalk strength
Field beans


Semi-early Flower colored, with tannin and vicine/convicine Most cold resistance
IRENA Winter Early Flower colored, with tannin and vicine/convicine Early, good lodging tolerance  
ORGANDI Winter Early White Resistant to lodging  
DIVINE Spring Mid-early Flower colored, with tannin and without vicine/convicine Flexible in terms of sowing date
MELODIE Spring Intermediate Flower colored, with tannin and without vicine/convicine Adapted to on-farm use
ANICIA Mid-early Green The label reference
HARPE Early Silver  The milling reference
Fodder peas
ASSAS Mid-early Can be use in grain and forage production High fodder biomass with high protein content
ASCENSION logo new Late Can be use in grain and forage production Afila without tannin

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