Certified products

Agri Obtentions supports sectors with performant varieties when private breeding is absent.  

For lentils :

Anicia, the variety commonly named "Green lentils from Le Puy" is a characteristic variety. It has yellow cotyledon and green seed coats with very specific anthocyanic marbling.

It is a well-known reference and enjoys a prestigious brand image with the Registered Designation of Origin (AOC), obtained in the area in which it originated. The variety Anicia is cultivated for the control origin brand (Label Rouge), "Green Lentils from Berry".


Agri Obtention organized the production of certified seeds and carries on participating in the development of quality productions (Registered designation of Origine, Labels).


For the buckwheat:  

Buckwheat is a low input crop and environmentally friendly which has numerous agronomic assets:

    • Ability to retain nitrogen and limit leaching of soils
    • High soil covering power which naturally controls weeds


Not only used in the famous buckwheat pancakes from Brittany, the Harpe may bu used:

    • For human food (gluten-free flour, beer, whiskey)
    • Melliferous plant
    • Game cover crop
    • Green manure


HARPE is also the only variety listed in  the Protection of Geographical Indication(IGP) named "Farine de BLE NOIR de BRETAGNE" (Buckwheat flour from BRITTANY).



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