Field bean

Field bean is one of melliferous pulses which contributes to the biodiversity conservation in fields. Growing field beans helps farmers to reduce their dependency on mineral nitrogen and breaks cereal rotations.

Agri Obtentions breeds very productive fiel beans able to satisfy foreign markets and animal feed.


Varieties Earliness Flower color Vicine/convicine Strengh


ARTHUR Mid-early Colored High Seed quality adapted to the export market



HONEY logo new  Mid-late  Colored  High  



DIVA Mid-early Colored High Most cold resistance  index
DIVER Mid-early Colored High Small TGW



NEBRASKA logo new Mid-early Colored High Good frots tolerance 


GLADICE Mid-early White High Very good for animal feed 



IRENA Early Colored High Good lodging tolerance  index
ORGANDI Early White  High Adapted to on-farm use  index
DIVINE Mid-early Colored Low Flexible in terms of sowing date index 
MELODIE Intermediate Colored Low Adapted to on-farm use index 
NAKKA logo new Early Colored High Tolerant to lodging 


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